Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Q the Eye/02.21.18

Dear LakeCountyEye,

They give away the razors so they can sell you the blades.  Then why don't they give away guns to sell you the bullets?

Good Guy Seeks Good Gun
Dear Uh Huh,Ὥρος Hōros

How many times has this happened to you? You're at a gun show. A good looking AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle catches your eye. But when you pull out your wallet you come up short.

Too many? That's because those good looking AR-15-style semi-automatic rifles don't come cheap. They were moving at $2000 a pop at the Lake County Republican 2nd Amendment Dinner & Gun Raffle, last year:

Lake County Republican 2nd Amendment Dinner & Gun Raffle
To put that in perspective, $2000 is about the average donation the NRA gives the average Illinois Republican Congressman:

Gun-rights groups giving to Illinois Republicans in Congress
So take it from Lake County vestigial Congressman Peter Roskam: If you really want that assault weapon that you can't afford, just follow these 3 easy steps:
  1. Become a Republican Congressman
  2. Receive Big Donations from the NRA
  3. Go Shopping
A no-brainer!

If you are an elected official, or a previously elected official, or just a private citizen under indictment, send your political questions to Q the Eye c/o ...

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