Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dump and Dumper

If U.S. President Donald J Trump's poll numbers are in the outhouse that may be because he's been taking a lot of crap, lately, from the lamestream media fake news.

At first flush, Trump was the butt of this Saturday Night Live joke ...
Trump: I sit on every chair like it's a toilet.
Crack reporter, Anderson Cooper was next to pile on.  He let rip with ...
If Trump took a dump on his desk, you'd defend it.
Perhaps unable to hold it in, it was then Congressman Peter Roskam who, in the end, unloaded on Trump ...
Cong. Roskam Tells Trump: Dump Your Tweeting

Peter Roskam is a number-two also-ran for the Republican US Congressional leadership. One spokesman said: "Anyone who says Mr Roskam is in the tank for Donald Trump is talking out of their ass."

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