Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Sting

It is summertime and the little six-legged bloodsuckers are swarming all over Lake County. Of course, your LakeCountyEye refers to the tax collector.

Haha, a big bite of your tax bill goes toward mosquito control. And some of you, according to the Daily Herald, are being double taxed:
While the pesky mosquito lacks size, it can pack a pretty significant wallop for suburban taxpayers, especially for some who are paying multiple agencies to battle the bugs.
Are you being double-taxed for mosquito control?
Spokespersons for the extermination industry were quick to defend the practice of using taxpayer dollars to eradicate mosquitoes on an industrial scale. One told your LakeCountyEye that while not quite as big as the "flying Buicks" in Florida, Lake County mosquitoes transmit deadly diseases not unlike the Spanish Flu, which killed 50 million in 1918.

Operatives who value their health & safety are advised to think twice before venturing out-of-doors. The photographic evidence does not lie:

Your LakeCountyEye pursued by a Culex Tarsalis Mosquito (West Nile Virus).

Your LakeCountyEye in the crosshairs of an Aedes Albopictus Mosquito (Zika Virus).

Nipping at the heels of your LakeCountyEye is an Anopheles Gambiae Mosquito (Malaria).

Off into the sunset goes your LakeCountyEye. In hot pursuit is an Aedes Aegypti Mosquito (Dengue Fever).

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