Saturday, April 30, 2016

Another McHenry County Schnook Shoots Self in Foot

el gato Those familiar with the rule of three may want to discharge their weapons in Lake County. A year ago in McHenry County, two people shot themselves in the foot:
My Foot!
And now, last week (perhaps unable to get a leg up) two people in McHenry County shot themselves in the hand.

The Northwest Herald said ...
A 74-year-old McHenry-area man was taken to the hospital Wednesday after he accidentally shot himself in the hand, police said. The man was taking apart his 9 mm handgun when the gun went off
McHenry-area man shoots himself in hand taking apart gun
In a separate incident ...
The man who accidentally shot himself in the hand over the weekend was assisting in instructing a concealed carry course, police said Monday.
Man who shot himself in Woodstock was assisting concealed carry class, police say
Note to Ops: They may take away your gun only when they pry it from from your cold dead hands. But you make it difficult if you've shot them off.

Just Sayin!

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