Saturday, November 7, 2015

Would You Buy a Rolex from this Man?

Being a millionaire blogger has its advantages. The mailman still delivers junk mail, but it is hugely classy junk mail.

M.J. Miller & Co. -- a Barrington jeweler -- sent their catalog this week:

M.J. Miller & Co.
Gems & Precious Jewels
Your LakeCountyEye always hastens immediately to the men's watches (page 45):
Those are some super-luxury-looking timepieces. But who is that super-luxury-looking model? He looks familiar:
Your LakeCountyEye knows why he is smiling -- it looks like the model with the world-class manicure is sporting a $7000 Seiko:
Do models get to keep the merchandise they pose with? This is probably a question only a millionaire blogger would ask.

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