Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time for the organization of Lake County Democrats to wake-up!!!!

 Contrary to what one might think, Lake County's western border is not Route 45 or even Route 83.   If you pull out a map, you will note that Lake County's western border is really Route 12.  So what are the Lake County Democrats doing to cultivate the democrats and independents west of Route 83?  Why does the organization of “Lake County Dems” relinquish responsibility to the the 8th District Democrats and Independents?  Merely having a chair seat for this the 8th Dems in the Lake County Democrats inter-sanctums is not fair representation of the county's democrats and the  independents!

   The state reps, senate and county board seats are filled by Republicans in Western Lake County. Yet there has been a progressive population explosion out here.  The old Republican  demographics of western Lake County are shrinking as noted by the election results from this past November.  Even the views and voting records of the State Representatives and County Board are really centrist or slightly left in thinking.  In the view of this author, these representative are merely Republicans in Name Only (RINO).  

  So wake up Lake County Dems and look past Route 83!  There is an untapped bastion of blue in Western Lake County.  Stop solely relying on other organizations to cultivate that blue and get involved!!!!!!


Team America said...

Until the Lake County Dems clean their own house and give unethical leaders like Terry Link and Pete Couvall the boot, the Lake County Dems will be even more dysfunctional and ineffective than the Lake County GOP, which is saying a lot. But at least our leaders don't have dead folks sign their petitions.

Old Oak said...

Thanks TA. It's nice to read that you believe the Lake County GOP is dysfunctional and ineffective. For once I whole-heartedly agree with you! The LC GOP, with their parachuted-in candidates, their clutching to the same-old diatribes and nasty, demonizing of anyone who would dare to think differently, even within your own party, and their reliance on political artillery rather that direct voter contact is becoming less and less relevant to the real people of Lake County. You got a little taste in 08. Brother, the tsunami's commin' in 2010!

As to this post by our blogger, I have to disagree. There are things going on right now, organizing happening, volunteer training underway to bring the power back to the people of Lake County. It isn't really the function of the party officials to conduct that organizing now. In fact, the Lake County Democratic Party is not, by definition, going to open itself to 'independents.' That's the job of the candidates and those organizations like EDDI and they're doing it. I'm guessing you didn't march in the Wauconda or Lake Villa Memorial Day Parades. There were a lot of Young Democrats out there, folks. The Lake County Young Democrats is a new group here, but it's growing with wild abandon! The problem with your post is that you seem more concerned with who should be doing what rather than just doing it, and supporting the efforts currently underway. But that's okay. It's happening, Baby! In the five legislative districts within the 31st Senate Districts, the 31st, the Illinois House 61st, and 62nd, and the Lake County Board 4th and 7th, the train is already rollin and Suzi Schmidt, JoAnn Osmand, Sandy Cole, Brent Paxton and Steve Carlson are tied to the tracks with the same-old/same-old Lake County GOP gobbledeegook and blibberblabber. And all that big GOP money that flooded our neighborhoods with nasty mailers and robo-calls just won't save them this time. We voted for change in 08 and in 2010 you'll see it happen here in Lake County. So get on board the train and keep your arms and legs inside the windows, Darlin, 'cuz we're really movin'!

Anonymous said...

Blue Prairie,

Your passion is impressive. What has motivated you is somewhat misplaced. Obama was a rather large factor in the last election. The republicans still had a hangover from the corruption of Ryan and his lot. 2010 will not have Obama. Mortgage rates will be at 7% or higher and if they are not then inflation will be out of control because of all the debt Obama has put out there. Can you say Link, Froelich, Currauthers. and Blagojevich.

The Dems will have a tough time with the budget and debt in the Statehouse along with trying to sell watered down reforms.

So get on board the train and keep your arms and legs inside the windows, Darlin, 'cuz we're really movin'! Red 2010

Anonymous said...

I find it unique that given the duldrums their most recent President (Bush) brought about for our country (let me count the plethora of ways), the weak candidates they continue to put forth, and the attempts at bought and paid for elections (Greenberg, at least one State Senator who shall remain nameless), TA still has time to call out the Dem's on what they are doing wrong.

Look, Republicans also use P.O. boxes on petitions and may have had other issues with them, though the nature of the system is that petitions are accepted as valid as long as they are not challenged. Hence, I think that both parties would do well to sharpen their petition completion skills.
(I think it was Mark Kirk's wife who stated within the last two years that 'they do not live in Illinois anymore'; meaning they live in the District of Columbia. Hmm, how does this affect Kirk's ability to run for office in the
10th District and any [other] GOP complaint about out of Congressional District candidates (there's the next city over and then there's half-way across the country)?

While I guess when you don't
have good candidates and can't point to stellar leadership, ideas, and legislation, your only chance is to review the competition's petitions with a fine-tooth comb, I'm not sure how this helps maintain electoral choice, and improve the nation's status as a stable economic partner, a "Light unto the nations" regarding human/civil rights, and that will not put troops in harms way without due diligence and proper equipment.

If organizations like TA wanted to be skeptical or critical, they had 8 years of Bushie lies and McCain flip-flops (fundamentals of the economy are strong - most Americans are whining, he will bring about reform but nothing needs to be changed, he was a prisoner of war but 'compromised' with Bush on torture, meaning Bush got his way and broke the law), to do so.

This is not to say the Dem's are superior or perfect (of course it is not part of the Dem platform to tell people when to pray, what healthcare procedures to have and avoid, and to remind everyone who is of a superior moral fiber - Vitter, Foley, and Craig not-withstanding). This is to say that if one wants their comments to be taken seriously, they can't be late out of the gate when it comes to complaining about a lack of fiscal responsibility, excessive spending, and unusual political appointments and candidates.

It seems that upcoming elections are for Democrats to lose. Of course, it could be said that George Ryan's "Illinois First" program which even some Republican legislators at the time thought was too large along with Blago's unique approach to governance helped put us here.
And, even if I had to do it again, I'd vote for a third party candidate before I'd vote for someone who was good friends with Ryan and Bush, and forgave loans to politically connected individuals as Treasurer. I wonder if this contributed to the State's problems.

Personal responsibility and a commitment to avoid corruption and cronyism - my foot.

Old Oak said...

Anon 2:12

Gee thanks, but, we've heard that refrain before, amigo. The difference is that we know how to get out there and connect with the individual voter, that we head out and listen to what they have to say, and then we put what the voters have to say into action. So you really think that replacing the Springfield 'old guard' with the Lake County Board's old Queen is really something the voters want? Lake County has the 17th highest property tax in the United States, for cryin out loud! The last thing we need in Springfield is a Lake County tax-and-spend Republican. So just watch out, Sunny Jim, and stand behind the blast protector, lest our jet engines blow you off the ship! Semper Fidelis, brothers!

Anonymous said...

Blue Prairie,

Nice of you to admit that the Democratic Party in Lake County will not open itself to "independents" and thus tacking on the name "independents" to countless Lake County Democratic organizations is just "blibberblabber."

With the way Democrats are misgoverning Springfield and Cook County, does Lake County need an expansion of that form of ineptness into our fair County? Does that include the repeated coincidences of dead people signing petitions of Democratic candidates in Lake County?

Louis G. Atsaves

SaraSmiles said...

Blue Prairie....great post with some insightful information. However, leadership always starts at the top and from my interpretation on the initial blog, the posser is saying that Lake County is missing that leadership from elected officials. I tend to agree with that posser

Old Oak said...

Oh Louis, there you go again. Shall we speak of the utterly corrupt DuPage County GOP. Nah. Let's stay home and stick with the Lake County GOP, who your buddy Team America (I love his blog name: does he not get that the movie was SATIRE!), called "dysfunctional and ineffective," above.

The party structure, be it Democratic or republican, is in the business of maintaining and supporting its own members. There are other organizations, the purpose of which is to open it's arms to 'independents,' and, in the case of the Eight District Democrats and Independents or EDDI, have done so with sparkling success. On the other side of the coin, the dark, musty, moldy side, the Lake County GOP, as with most other county GOP organizations in Illinois, does not recognize, welcome or even consider anyone who would dare to hint at themselves as an independent. Tell me, Louis, is there a GOP organization in Lake County that even comes close to the size or organization, or the openness of something like EDDI? You know there isn't. Your posts and those of TA make it abundantly clear that here in Lake County in regards to the Republican Party, independence, in name, in voting, or in thought is verboten. You walk, instead, in lock step, blinders fixed in place, like lemmings, right off the proverbial cliff.

Old Oak said...

Sara- I hope you meant 'poster' and not poser, which is different.

Except where there is a sitting Democratic incumbent in an office up for election, and even then with some exceptions, it is NOT the function of the overall party to support or promote candidates at this stage of the process. If it appears, as the party convention approaches, that there are no candidates actively pursuing an open or GOP held seat, then the party may get involved by way of caucus. But I'm happy to tell you that that eventuality is highly unlikely in the coming elections. Already doors are being knocked upon, volunteers trained, parades populated, and banners and bunting readied for an impressively progressive summer. If you're waitin for the party leadership to bonk ya on the head with their 'leadership' wand to get moving, I'm afraid you're only going to hear Senator Link saying, "Ooohhhh Saaarrraaa, come onnn. Why aren't yooouuuu out there woorrrking!" (My impression is much better in person!) (I kid, 'cuz I really like Senator Link.) Darlin, up hear in lake country, we're already rockin' and rollin'.

Anonymous said...

Ah Blue Prairie, you again beg the question:

Who will inform the independents who joined EDDI that the group is not really "open" to them by the Democrats? If the Lake County Democratic Central Committee will not open itself to independents, then why pretend to join up with "independents" in such organizations?

The classic bait and switch? Is that what we are looking at here? Or is it that Springfield type of governance, where the Democrats call all the shots and everyone else gets to sit on the sidelines and watch? Or as Michael Madigan is fond of saying: "We keep them informed as to what we are doing." Is that Democracy in action?

That really has not worked out well for Illinois residents and citizens, now has it?

Progress? If that's your definition then I guess we both will have to agree to disagree!

Louis G. Atsaves

Old Oak said...

Louis that makes no sense whatsoever. EDDI is an organization independent and separate from the lake County Democratic Party. Your logic also applies to the Republican Party as well. Ever been to a county party convention? There is no vote for 'independent' committeemen in either the Democratic or the Republican party conventions. Note should be taken, however, that it is your Republican Party that fought tooth and nail against public elections for party officials. The GOP prefer to keep its leadership as a 'back room' deal. But you are confusing EDDI with the official party in your post.