Monday, March 9, 2009

The Credit Crisis

I found a simplistic explanation of how the credit crisis came to be. One need not have a degree in economics to understand the video.
You can bookmark this link if you do not have the time to view this video. The run-time is approximately 11 minutes.

This is a non-partisan view on how we got here.


Kristal Lynn said...

Frequent readers of this blog know that I have been critical at times of the "non-partisan" designation that rests atop the title of this blog. However, I have to give some major kudos to the Eye this time for finding a great, non-partisan-as-advertised resource. Well done!

(See, I'm not ALL bad)

LC Truth said...
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LC Truth said...

Thanks Chris...we have actually had a few non-partisan post of recent. The open blog last week and the stimulus watch.
BUT....I am sure as we get closer to the the Election (albeit not really partisan), the sides will be making their cases!