Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to the Eye on Lake County

This is a collaborative blog, with 5 authors right now. Each of us will be using a screen name to give our insight on whats going on in Lake County. The stories and observations will cover politics ranging from library districts all the way up to those who represent the county in State politics. The current group of 5 bloggers range across the entire spectrum, from solid conservative to liberal. So you will get some unbiased and some bias as well in there blog opinions, but we will be engaged and thats whats important!

Commenting is allowed! You just have to register which is quite simple, and we intend to not censor anything, except profanity, rascism, personal attacks and libel, otherwise go for it!

My name is Bemused and I will posting here periodically, I live in the center of the county and reside in the center of the political spectrum, I get worked up about county and muncipal issues the most and will probaly focus on that here.

So welcome to our blog!